possible Jeep recall

So i was thinking about another article i wanted to write about in that same issue of the Economist, about how Japan has fallen to #3 in the world’s economies (after China passed them), but i don’t want people to think this blog is only about international business, so i decided to write on something closer to home…

i saw this today on CNNmoney.com; Jeep is looking at a  possible recall of 3 million of their Jeep Grand Cherokees (possible faulty gas tank resulting in fatal fires). i remember Toyota got killed (a public relations disaster) a few months ago, and so i thought i’d right about this.

From a worldview perspective, what is the cause of something not working out the way you intended? Why might Jeep have to recall thousands of cars, like Toyota did? Certainly they weren’t planning on having to do that, and in Toyota’s cause, it cost them a significant loss in revenue, both in the cost of the recall (estimated now at over $2 billion) and in lack of consumer trust and the damage that did to future sales.

Interestingly, the ancient scriptures say that the cause of unreliability, both in your personal relationships and in your business, comes from a failure to keep promises or commitments yourself.

So, for example, i got caught in the disaster that was the eruption of that volcano in Iceland. We were on our way from the Bahamas to start a DCI event in Vienna; instead we spent several days stuck in Toronto, missing the opening lecture for our planned event. Why did this happen?

Well, for me, personally, i have a commitment to keep my 6 times book every day. i checked; i looked up the karmic correlation for unforeseen disasters, and there it was, a failure to keep promises and commitments. i had promised to do my 6 times book; was i?

Of course not. i had let it slip; i was busy, didn’t have the time. Well, it turns out, i didn’t have the time not to, because by not keeping my commitment i lost 3 days in Vienna and had to spend them in Toronto instead.

(Fyi, the end of the story is that day i renewed my commitment to keeping my book; the next day we were on the the first Austrian Airlines flight out of Toronto to Europe.)

So if i was Jeep; i’d start checking to make sure i was keeping my promises.

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