social networking

So i love social networking; it’s my new favorite thing. Why? Because the karma for it to be successful is almost built-in.

I was reading this article on how fans on facebook were able to get Betty White on as the host of Saturday night live.

Betty White

Betty White on SNL 🙂

it’s a great story for me for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it worked–NBC listened and made her a host of the show. So who benefits? i think everyone benefits.

NBC benefits–they get a highly rated tv show out of it, The fans benefit–they get to see their favorite actress on tv, and Betty White benefits–she gets paid to host the show. 🙂

And it all works, because they’re doing it for someone else–NBC is giving the fans what they want, the fans are helping Betty White and NBC create a great show, and Betty White is helping her fans. A perfect karmic perpetual upward spiral. You couldn’t draw up a better play.

Could you? 🙂

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