return of the 3 martini lunch

so interestingly enough, i saw an article on Businessweek that the 3 martini lunch is making a comeback.


interestingly, i say, because i just answered an email from a good business friend of mine asking me why some practitioners of the Tibetan wisdom tradition take a vow not to take intoxicants.

it’s ok right? to drink socially, in acceptable amounts. people have been doing it for centuries, ever since cavemen found out you could ferment beer in stone jugs around 10,000BC.

sure, it’s ok, the same way slavery is okay because our ancestors did it.

just kidding! we say that it’s not a good idea to take intoxicants, because as anyone can see, if you take intoxicants it lowers your awareness–is there anyone who has ever taken a drink of anything and not said something afterwards that they wish they hadn’t? (confession: i have :).

The U.S. Department of Justice Report on Alcohol and Crime found that alcohol abuse was a factor in 40 percent of violent crimes committed in the U.S.

okay, okay, sure, but what’s wrong with one (okay, or three 🙂 martini(s) at lunch? sure, i might say something i might regret later, but i’m not going to kill anyone.

the problem is that the Abhidharma Kosha (a book by Master Vasubandhu) says that every instant that you say, think, or do anything, your mind stores 65 seeds (per fingersnap, per the text) in your mind. So every instant that your mind sees you drinking poison that clouds your mind, you collect 65 seeds that will sit in your mind, grow, and ripen as your experience.

as an experience of what? you not being able to keep your awareness, a cloudy mind that can’t understand things. Even mild-to-moderate drinking can adversely affect cognitive functioning. and that’s science, not new-agey quasi-science. even small amounts of alcohol directly and indirectly affect your ability to think.

so why would you do that to yourself, even a little bit? the problem with seeds in the mind is that we can’t connect the cause with the result. i can’t understand something someone is trying to teach me, so i think, “he’s just not a good teacher.” i never think to blame the 3 martini lunch i had back in the ’80s.

so i ask you again, why would you do that to yourself?

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One Response to return of the 3 martini lunch

  1. Holger says:

    The first 12 days of the Oktoberfest are over and “we” have consumed 6.6 Million liters of beer so far… Don`t want to figure how many seeds that makes in total 😉
    But at least: the consumption of alcohol free beer rises from year to year…

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