Ok, so i guess i’m going to try an experiment… i have this new-found obsession with playing Irish folk music on flutes and whistles.

Mostly, this is a good thing; i really enjoy playing music. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and after a bit of practice, makes other people happy.

The only problem is i decided to learn the whistle for two reasons: one, it’s the portable instrument. Done playing, through it in your bag, no worries. Two, the first one to buy was cheap: I paid $20 for a tudor book, cd, and my first whistle.

But then i discovered they make nicer ones… much nicer ones. Like $200-300 and up. The whistle i would perform with (if i ever got to perform 🙂 is a Copeland; you can buy them used on ebay for about $300-350. yikes!

Okay, so now it’s confession time. Being the god-fearing good American capitolist that i am, i bought, traded for, and otherwise acquired several of these kinds of whistles, which are now sitting on my credit card. bummer. 🙂

What to do?

Well, i’ll tell you what i did… i started a website to buy, sell, and trade whistles. 🙂

So… an experiment: can i buy, sell, and trade whistles without spending any money? Or even make money (while still feeding my whistle acquisition habit)?

First step: help other people sell whistles. So i posted to the Chiff & Fipple forum, announcing that i would sell anyone’s whistles who wanted to sell them. That ought to put some seeds in my mind to be able to sell some whistles.

So, if you have a whistle or flute you like to sell… 🙂

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