whistle website update

So to update everyone on the progress of my new business. 🙂 so i put up the website, and decided that the best way to make sure that i sold some whistles was to help other people sell theirs: so i published the address of my whistle website in a whistle forum that i spend a lot of time reading (Chiff & Fipple) and offered to help anyone who had a whistle or flute to sell theirs. I got some nice replies to my post, had a few inquiries that weekend, then by the end of the first week had my first two sales. 🙂

Now i’m trying to concentrate on re-planting the seeds: i sincerly hope that anyone who buys one of the whistles i have for sale enjoys them and gets nothing but happiness and joy from them. 🙂 Then i bid on some more instruments, to add stock, thinking that i hope the people i buy from benefit as much as possible from their sale.

I’m also a little worried about shipping, because if they don’t get to my customers i’m going to have a big problem. So last night a friend of mine asked me if i would take something back home for them, and would i be careful? Of course, and i’ll dedicate that to making sure nothing goes wrong with my shipments.

I’ll let you know how it goes… 🙂

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2 Responses to whistle website update

  1. Ben says:

    Dear Eric, I am a new comer after having read the book Diamond Cutter, and Karmic Mgt. And, now a salesperson. If I want to increase my sales, can I help charity, say, donate money to those charity groups, can implant positive imprint? Or, any others I should do to make dream come true? BEN

    • ericbrinkman says:

      Dear Ben,

      it’s better to do things more personally; for example, it’s easy to write a check and put it in the mail. but it puts a more powerful seed in your mind to think about what you’re going to do, plan it out, and then do something with your own effort.

      but it’s also better to be more specific; do you want to increase your earnings, or increase your sales? to increase your sales, you have to make other people more successful with their sales (train someone else, share leads, start a chamber of commerce). to increase your earnings, you have to give money. but like i said, plan it out, then try to give money where it’s most needed, with the purest intention (to help others) that you can.

      Thanks for the question. 🙂

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