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start a new business

So i have 3 fairly expensive flutes i needed to sell, how to do? Help someone else sell theirs. 🙂 So i offered on the Chiff and Fipple message board to post photos of any flutes or whistles that someone … Continue reading


business update

So i thought i’d update everyone on how my experiment is going… 🙂 So like i said, i live in a remote area where there isn’t a session that i can usually get to, so i don’t usually have an … Continue reading


Do Both! :)

So a friend of mine sent me an email asking a question about how to give: One of my questions to you is on the subject of giving money to a worthy cause. If I have the choice between helping … Continue reading

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So, continuing with my theme of looking at “common sense” ways to make money, let’s look at miracle cause #4 for wealth, make they gold multiply. In other words, invest your money. This one’s really quite simple, i feel like … Continue reading