So, continuing with my theme of looking at “common sense” ways to make money, let’s look at miracle cause #4 for wealth, make they gold multiply. In other words, invest your money.

This one’s really quite simple, i feel like i’m starting to beat a dead horse now… is something a cause if it only works sometimes? Is investing a cause for wealth then? What should you invest in? Stocks? A House? Land?

So i guess no one has lost money “investing” in those things.

I live in Arizona, one of the 3 hardest hit states by the housing collapse. Tell anyone around here that the cause for wealth is “investing” in property or land.

Stocks? I have lots of friends who’ve lost their shirt on stocks in the last year. I had some friends who heard Geshe Michael say once that if you were smart you would invest in Chinese companies, for example, like HSBC. So they did, and then lost a ton of money last year. 🙂

Why? Because the seed for money comes from giving, money doesn’t make money, no matter what anyone tells you. Does that mean you shouldn’t invest? No, invest, but give to others.

Geshe Michael has an investment strategy he calls investing in “The Bank of People.” There’s a famous line from the Bible, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.” (Matthew 6:19) Instead of saving your money in a bank, put your money in people: give to others. And teach them to give to others.

If you give to others, you’re not putting your wealth where someone can steal it, or in a housing or stock market that can collapse. The price of gold now is going through the roof, because people think it’s safer to “invest” in gold than in volatile stocks. Are you going to eat gold when the price of the dollar crashes?

i have a better idea: take care of others! Give other people what they need! Then who will steal the seed for wealth out of your mind? You can go to sleep at night and sleep peacefully, confident in the fact that no stock market crash will affect the seeds stored in your mind.

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3 Responses to Investing

  1. Guy says:

    “Why? Because the seed for money comes from giving, money doesn’t make money, no matter what anyone tells you. Does that mean you shouldn’t invest? No, invest, but give to others. ”

    This is the part that always confuses me; it’s not the cause yet I should still do it. If it’s not the cause why should I waste anytime with it? Or Is the implication that if you don’t have a condition for your money to “grow”, i.e. an investment, that your seeds can’t ripen? I don’t think you unconditionally say yes to that, so again I ask, why invest?

    Thanks again for the blogs Eric 🙂

    • ericbrinkman says:

      dear Guy,

      Geshe Michael told me a story one time about a student in nyc who was looking for a parking place and drove past a free one. Geshe Michael asked why, and he said, “I have to give one away.”


      So the idea is that if something comes to you, for example, an opportunity to take a yoga class, or a chance to invest some money, do you not do it? Yoga classes can’t make you healthy–lots of people hurt themselves in yoga class. But if you have helped someone sick in the past, then should you skip the yoga class? No, because it’s a ripening of your old good karma.

      So a chance to invest money could be the same thing; you were giving in the past, so now you have a chance to earn some money. Take it, use it later for others. 🙂

  2. Guy says:

    Thanks for the quick response Eric 🙂

    I think your answer makes a lot of sense.

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