business update

So i thought i’d update everyone on how my experiment is going… 🙂

So like i said, i live in a remote area where there isn’t a session that i can usually get to, so i don’t usually have an opportunity to try new instruments. There is a virtual smorgasbord of Irish folk instruments, and the number of options available to the aspiring whistle or flute player is almost dizzying. How do you choose; should i buy the Busman bocote D whistle or the Michael Burke brass? Is the Copeland nickel whistle going for $340 on ebay worth the price?

For my money, the only way to know is to try them. My problem: i can’t/shouldn’t/not the best use of my resources to spend hundreds of dollars on whistles or flutes. Short term solution: buy them and put them on my credit card, then pick the one i like, and sell the rest. If i can sell them for close to what i bought them for, then this process won’t cost a lot of money.

Following my short term solution, i for example, acquired through trades, ebay auctions, and watching the c&f used/exchange message board three delrin flutes from different makers: a Cochran , a Copley, and a Forbes D flutes. Although all of them were nice, none of them were totally satisfying.

So then i realized my mistake. What i had done, of course, was give in to a giant (and expensive) diamond deal. Which flute is better, the Copley or the Forbes? the Copley is louder but i have a video of Kevin Crawford playing a Forbes… but of course, the answer is neither, because a nice sounding flute doesn’t come from the flute. i was proof enough of that, since i could easily compare the sound of Kevin Crawford playing a Forbes to the way it sounded when i played it (which was quite different, and not nearly as appealing :). So the flute is not the cause of the sound coming from the flute in either case.

So what is the cause of a nice-sounding flute? Maybe it’s something like saying nice things to others, or creating nice sounds for other people. So i started watching my speech and especially try to say nice things to my partner.

Then i saw that M&E was having a sale on their flutes. Just out of curiosity, i sent them an email asking if they had one of their D ebonite flutes on sale. They replied yes, and they could sell it to me for $365, which was cheaper than any of the previous flutes i had bought. i ordered one.

When i got it, i tried it and it sounded awesome to me. i cornered my partner and did a blind taste test: i played all four flutes and asked her which one did she like? She picked the M&E. Nice.

So then i was free to sell the other 3 flutes i had picked up. But how to do?

to be continued…

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2 Responses to business update

  1. cristina collins says:

    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!

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