start a new business

So i have 3 fairly expensive flutes i needed to sell, how to do?

Help someone else sell theirs. 🙂

So i offered on the Chiff and Fipple message board to post photos of any flutes or whistles that someone might like to sell. i got a few takers and posted their photos and descriptions to my Irish Whistle Shop website.

That day i sold the first flute. 🙂

A little bit of time went by before two other people emailed me asking if i would help them sell their instruments, an Olwell bamboo flute and a pvc whistle. i posted the pictures up to my website.

I got three messages asking about buying the 2 flutes i had left. 🙂

The first one sold, but then the second buyer backed out—they said the same flute i was selling just came up cheaper on ebay, so they were going to try bidding on that.

So i wished them luck, then tried to figure out why this was happening… because i had had another buyer also back out on the same flute earlier (he said his wife wouldn’t let him spend the money :).

So i decided it was a lack of follow-through on my side, that i should look at what commitments i wasn’t doing a good job of keeping.

Checking my six-times book, it was pretty obvious—i wasn’t putting much effort into tracking all my vows, six times a day. So i picked it up and put more effort in.

Then the first, original prospective buyer emailed me back and said his wife relented, he could buy the flute now. 🙂

So all three extra flutes are sold, i have the one i liked the best, and it sounds great.

Well, ok, it does to me anyway. 🙂

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8 Responses to start a new business

  1. Holger Wolff says:

    Dearest Eric – do we have to be in tantra to see karma ripening so fast ?? We have been told Karma needs time to ripen, sometimes it will take more than one life.. So – how do we get results so incredibly fast as you describe it here? Love H.

    • ericbrinkman says:

      dear Holger,

      there’s 3 main things i’ve noticed; one–you have to target the karma very specifically. for example, one time i had a problem with someone criticizing me. so i tried very hard not to criticize others. but my boss just seemed to criticize me more. so then i looked up in the ancient books the karmic correlation for being criticized: not having a proper motivation. and i realized: i was just doing my job to try and impress my boss. so the next day i worked hard on making my motivation to help others–that day he stopped criticizing me and never has since (i don’t work for him anymore, but we’re still friends :).

      the other two i think maybe you’re already heard? you have to make sure you’re doing something towards a powerful object (like trying to benefit others), that you do it habitually (every instant is best, that’s why we take vows :), and rejoice in it often. And then the last thing is to make sure you don’t have any karmic blockers–it doesn’t help to give to your friends at work and ignore your brother. or say nice things to your boss and scream at your kids, etc.

      hope that helps,

      ps i don’t think practicing tantra has much to do with it, except that it changes your motivation–you do everything to get free in this life. perhaps more importantly is, do i understand what i’m doing?

    • ericbrinkman says:

      dear Holger,

      i was thinking about your question some more, and i think i should say that maybe the most important thing in speeding up the karma is to increase your understanding, and to increase the purity of your intention. to really do things because you want to free others from pain and give them every happiness. and not just one person, every single person everywhere. to really be able to do things with this intention plants a really powerful seed that i think you’ll see return quickly. 🙂


  2. Ben says:

    Dear Eric,
    It means if we want to earn respect and less being critized by colleagues or boss, we have to help them. Apart from it, what should we do in working place? Best rgs, BEN

    • BEN says:

      Dear Eric,

      Apart from previous message, I have another question about “Ten Percent Program” mentioned by Geshe . He mentioned that each time we get a paycheck at work, set aside 10% of the money in a separate bank account. And, take time to look around the community where we live. Decide on the person or organization that would most benefit from the money we’ve reserved, and then we should give to them with our own hand.

      But, how about … if I donate money to ONE/TWO Charity Group EVERY MONTH or periodically, say, ORBIS, RED CROSS. Because these are the charity group I would like to help, and I have happiness after donating my money. So, can it taken as a way of planting the “Money Seeds” that is able to coming back as my future prosperity or earning. So, it can imply the more I donate, persistently, the more I can earn soon?

      Or, any other advice or experience to share with me. Because I am afraid if I am not putting it in RIGHT WAY to plant the seed. Actually, I really want to earn more to better living standard of both me and my parents.

      Is the seed STRONG ENOUGH?

      THanks a lot for your advice.


      • ericbrinkman says:

        Dear Ben,

        doing something habitually is a good way to plant strong seeds. so if you give money every month, then you’re giving habitually, which is good. and of course there’s nothing wrong with just giving to the Red Cross. they do good work, and work that we don’t have time to do ourselves–i don’t have time to fly to Bangladesh and help flood victims.

        but that’s also what makes what Geshe Michael is suggesting so powerful: if you habitually save money to give to others, and spend a lot of time thinking about what is the best way to give it, whenever you do that you’re planting seeds. then when you have enough money saved up to do something meaning, instead of just handing it over to the Red Cross, go help someone yourself. this is really powerful, and plants a really powerful seed. maybe you could also find a way to invite your parents so that they could go with you? then they would get some good seeds too. 🙂

        Thanks for your question. 🙂

    • ericbrinkman says:

      Dear Ben,

      sure, if we we respect, we must be respectful of others–especially people who we consider lower than us, like our children, or restaurant wait staff, etc. If we don’t want to be criticized we have to careful to not criticize others meanly, and also to try and have the motivation to benefit others when we do something.

      of course the general method of being successful in the work place is to repeat the holy mantra, “what i want for myself i have to do for someone else first.” 🙂


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