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blondes raise more than brunettes

So i read maybe one of the worst articles i’ve read yet today. Just to see how bad an article by an “expert” can be, you can check out this article by Fortune magazine, “How Charities Get You to Give.” … Continue reading


why i write “i” & a defense of emoticons :)

So this is a little off the main subject, but i got an email recently from a friend of mine, decrying that my blog articles are full of “typos.” i was aghast; i work really hard to proofread everything i … Continue reading


How to Shrink the Deficit

I’m stealing the title of this post from an article i read by the same name in the “Review & Outlook” section of the Wall Street Journal dated December 3, 2010 that i read on the plane from SFO to … Continue reading


creating American jobs

Hi everybody; i wanted to thank everyone who wrote in about my last article; if you haven’t seen questions and answers you should check them out. 🙂 Anyway, i found another article online to pick on. 😉 This one is … Continue reading