blondes raise more than brunettes

So i read maybe one of the worst articles i’ve read yet today. Just to see how bad an article by an “expert” can be, you can check out this article by Fortune magazine, “How Charities Get You to Give.”

Actually, there is some good information in the article—some hard research data, for example. But the conclusions they draw from their data almost makes me sick. “Numbers don’t lie.” Indeed.

Anyway, what’s kind of nice is that the research seems to show that the most effective marketing for nonprofits is to pull the heartstrings. Test results show that the best returns come from not including efficiency data (which engages you to think analytically instead of emotionally) and including photos that pull the heartstrings.

This sounds fine to me. People want to feel good, they want to help. Explain to them how they can help, and they will—especially if i’ve been helpful myself. 🙂

But then the author takes this strange bitter stance about donors, referring to them as “sheep” and claiming that test results show their reactions to be “comical.” Then the final conclusion is that “…maybe, in the end, the most rational person is the person who keeps the money for himself.” Where is that coming from? What research data justifies that statement? [ed—note the use of “himself” to refer to an undetermined person. Mr. Crotchety British Guy strikes again! : ]

It might be true, according to somebody’s result data, that blondes get more donations than brunettes. But what is rational about keeping money for yourself? Suddenly, all acts of giving are indicted and giving to any charity is worthless, because people give based on emotion or irrational preferences? How does that follow?

Maybe people should pay more attention to who they give their money to, and they should try to help charities that are helping more people. That just makes good karmic business sense. But if they don’t, they shouldn’t give at all?

Maybe the author is right; why waste your time giving if you’re not going to give to get your biggest karmic bang for the buck. i change my mind; don’t be a sheep! Read your efficiency data before you give!

Then look at the pictures of sick children and give from the heart. 🙂

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6 Responses to blondes raise more than brunettes

  1. Holger says:

    “Trust your Instincts” says Lama Marut… to be 180 degrees wrong ! So if you instict tells you to keep the money for yourself you can be very very sure that this is the wrong direction 😉

  2. Holger says:

    Maybe it is a hidden teaching for us on the importance of the right intention?? If you mainly give because you like the blonde fund raiser…and she is attractive to you… will this be ideal act of giving? guess not…

    • BEN says:

      Hi Eric,

      Quite agreed with what you said “Then look at the pictures of sick children and give from the heart.” Actually, we may not be able to check how money can be used efficiently in any charity parties to which we’ve donated money, right? So, if I find I can help, and found that it is meaningful to donate, then, I would give money to the charity parties. However, I would ask who and how the charity money can help before making my donation.

      I am quite agreed with what you said earlier that we should help anybody in need, which is better than just giving money.

      Actually, I have had an experience in the morning of 10 Dec. I met a lady, who is blind, in a train station. And, I see her standing at the entrance for a long time, while I bought something in the kiosk within the station. So, I asked her what I can do for her. She said that she was waiting for her friends, but, had no idea if she was standing in a right position. Then, I went with her to the right place within the station. Finally, she got her friends, and led her. She was similing broadly.

      At the moment, I had a very strong feeling of HAPPINESS throughout my whole body. Actually, it is the FIRST time I ever had in my life. I was quite connected with HAPPINESS, PEACE, and CONTENT, which I can hard to express in wordings.

      It is really an amazing experience for me. In this case, I remembered what Geshe said in his book about “Mental Seed”, and “Special Case” which can generate stronger Karmic.

      Hope that I can help more people in need soon, it is very meaningful!

      Best rgs, BEN

    • ericbrinkman says:

      I was thinking about it some more myself, and i think i let myself fall for a diamond deal… the issue is, give to receive, but what if my giving is wasted? These aren’t connected by cause and effect… give to receive, and if you see what you give as being wasted or misused, don’t misuse or waste other people’s resources. Then you’ll stop seeing your gifts as being misused…

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