How to Stop Earthquakes


So as I’ve promised on twitter and facebook, here is a transcription of Geshe Michael answering a question in Guangzhou; “what seed do we have to plant to stop earthquakes?”

guangzhou business talk pt2 03 18 11.wav
We have to use this paper; the same as the mother problem. Mother and tsunami are the same. We have to look at what is the seed. So let’s do the same question: question #4. The seed for the natural disaster is much smaller than the natural disaster. And the seed is something similar to what we are… similar to the disaster. These earthquakes… Japan… New Zealand… all of these things are… they cause disruption in life. When the earthquake comes, we are living a normal life, I read in the newspapers they found one woman in New Zealand, the earthquake came, at that time she’s talking to her children on the phone. And they are having a happy talk. A normal talk. She’s talking about what they are going to cook for dinner. Then the earthquake came. She ran under a table, desk, then the building collapsed, except her small piece. And she’s under the table for 2 days. She’s stuck, but she can talk, and she said, “I didn’t die. I’m here. Please send a rescue.” And yesterday, after 2 days, it’s like to get her out of here, and they saved her life. So her life is very smooth. Then something comes which makes everything chaos, crazy. So you must look for a seed in your life which causes chaos, causes trouble—splits people; splits people from each other.

The seed for an earthquake is splitting people. This is very interesting. So I’ll give you an example. In our business, when we do business, also in America, when we are young, your teacher teaches you, when you do business, let’s compete with other companies. Also the teachers tell us to compete with other countries. Japan is making cars, we have to compete with them. Now the Chinese people are very strong. We must compete with them. They teach us that in school.
This idea, there’s only a limited amount of money, limited amount of oil, limited amount of wealth, limited amount of land; we must compete. We must compete with other countries [for it]. We are teaching that to children. If you want to make money and be happy, you must move fast: take the money, take the business, take the market share; they are teaching us that.

This system—opposite. In this system, if I want money, I must give money. I must help other people. I’m not competing with other people; I help them. [if I do this,] what will happen, in this system?

She has a business; I have a business. In this system—it’s a crazy system—you help the other business. You help your competitor. Then, if I give $100, $1,000 will come back. I gave $100 to her; $5,000 comes to me. I help her business. My business grows 10 times. Is she happy? Yes, she got $100. Am I happy? I got $1000. We’re both happy.

The nature of competition is to split people. In this system, you make more money, to make money faster, help the other person to make money. Even the company which is competing with you. If you are selling hersey chocolate, and you meet somebody who is from Mars chocolate company, you share information. You help each other. Both chocolate companies will grow. You see? It’s a different idea. Not competition.

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8 Responses to How to Stop Earthquakes

  1. i take it as reducing disruption, eliminating splitting people and things and maintaining stability as the possible seeds right –

    • ericbrinkman says:

      Exactly Ramesh.

      I would say also that, as I’ve said before in this blog, it’s more effective the more exact you are with your seeds—so if you want to stop the chaos caused by the earthquakes, stop splitting people.

      but if you’re more worried about the financial loss, you have to give… or your more worried about nuclear fallout don’t hurt people…

  2. Peter Axtell says:

    Dear Eric, please don’t stop writing this terrific stuff.
    It’s such a relief to give up “competition”. It’s so tiring to think of “crushing the competition”. It’s so inspiring to imaging everyone winning and happy. Best, Peter

  3. Hi Eric, this is a really good post. How often we all feel we have no control over the major events in our lives like an earthquake. Or even losing a loved one like I did last year. We have to be so careful to take action when we see something like this in our world. Today I am going to start watching out even more for my “competing” driving instructors and trying to encourage their business.

  4. nili sommer says:

    thank you ven. nyimpo for this transcrpition. Can you please tell me what do I have to plant to actually see and believe that resources are not limited, time, love, money…???

    It’s funny, when I visited my family in costa rica as a child, me and my brother, we heard there are many earthquakes there, and we really wanted to experiece one, When it came, it was a lot of fun, we were so excited and we laughed a lot, Later in life, especially in the past ten years, one of my greatest fears is earthquakes. Sometimes I think there is one when the matress of my bed moves when I move in my sleep.
    About three years ago I had a dream. There is an earthquake, I am falling, waiting for then pain that will come in few seconds, then suddenly, the fall slows down, and I know the pain won’t come, and I will come to the ground safely,
    There was a sense a great reliefe and I felt something important changed.
    Whishing us all closeness and harmony.

    love, nili

    • ericbrinkman says:


      Thank you for reading and sharing.

      I think the seed to plant is to just keeping studying what emptiness really means: because things are empty–because they have no existence outside of how i see them–then anything is possible. If everything i see–my whole world, and all the people in it–are coming from me, from how i treat others, then if i learned to treat others in a radically different way–as Geshe Michael teaches, as if they are me–then it stands to reason that the whole world, and all the people in it, could change.

      Then a great seed for this would be to teach what you understand of this to others, and try to help them understand the same thing–that anything you want to see happen you can make happen, yourself, with time, if you do it for others.


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