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Customer Satisfaction

Plane flights=blog posts; it’s a rule. So on my flight to NYC, I read a couple of interesting articles I thought I’d write about; here is the first, from US Airways’ in-flight magazine. They have a regular column for business … Continue reading

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Peter (my biggest fan) posted a comment to my last post that got me thinking: Question: I am a real estate agent. We are all “independent” contractors working in an office. Meaning we are all in “competition” with each other … Continue reading


101 “Reasons” why Apple is No. 1

Again, I’m a little behind; I’ve been wanting to write this article for over a month… but better late than never. 🙂 The March cover of Fast Company advertised this title, “+101 Reasons Apple Is No. 1” (the actual title … Continue reading



So I thought I’d write a personal blog again (I have some other things I’m working on, but we’re in the middle of the Phoenix teachings… busy, busy! : ). I have a problem… my whistle website is getting too … Continue reading


Embracing Defeat

So I’m still thinking about Japan… 🙂 I bought a book on Amazon I saw in an airport (no time to buy, catching a flight : ) called “Embracing Defeat” which is a book about how Japan recovered after the … Continue reading


Is it my fault?

I the wake of the disaster in Japan, we always get this question: so if everything comes from my seeds, did i cause the disaster in Japan? I was reading another article in that issue of Wired i have (mar.2011); … Continue reading