So I thought I’d write a personal blog again (I have some other things I’m working on, but we’re in the middle of the Phoenix teachings… busy, busy! : ).

I have a problem… my whistle website is getting too successful. 🙂

Seriously, I climbed up the search rankings and now I’m getting a lot of traffic… I posted that I had a Low D Copeland whistle for sale and within 2 days I had 4 emails from people wanting to buy it, asking questions about payments and shipping. That might not sound like a lot, but it’s a $700 whistle; I expected it to take a month or two to sell, and I hadn’t even mentioned it on my whistleshop facebook page yet.

I don’t have a lot a free time, and I don’t want to spend as much time as it’s starting to take to answer all the emails I get about the shop. Besides, when I started the shop I basically had two goals:

1. Try lots of whistles without spending lots of money
2. Use karmic management to run the site, to see if I could get results

I can honestly say, I’ve fulfilled both of those goals. I’ve tried just about every whistle there is, and whenever I had a problem with the site, I figured out what the seed was for what I wanted and the problem was solved.

So now what do I do with the site?

I’d sort of like to wrap it up, but I find myself stuck a bit… I can’t just quit it. I have lots of customers that email me and ask for things: questions about whistles or getting started, help selling their whistle, or help finding a whistle.

Geshe Michael says in the Diamond Cutter book that what you should do is train someone to take over for you. But I don’t really have anyone like that. I’ve had some people help me run the website, but I don’t think any of them would be interested in running it without me.

So then I thought maybe I would offer the website as for sale, but unless I could also train the new owner, then I wouldn’t feel like I was handing it over responsibly.

So my other idea is maybe to take the site down, but put up pointers to where people can get help. For example, I can put up links to other sites that sell whistles and links to information about them.

Anyway, I’ll keep thinking about what I want to do, but it’s a nice problem to have, being too successful. 🙂

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2 Responses to Overachieving

  1. Peter Axtell says:

    Eric Brinkman rocks!!! Just what I personally wanted to see. Obstacles overcome with Diamond Cutter principles and Karmic Management principles and then success.
    I suspected all along Eric wasn’t just whistling Dixie….

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