Peter (my biggest fan) posted a comment to my last post that got me thinking:

Question: I am a real estate agent. We are all “independent” contractors working in an office. Meaning we are all in “competition” with each other for business. I’ve often gone on listing appointments competing “against” other agents in my office for listings. How do I make the other agents be successful?
Keep writing!

You can see the response for yourself, but I thought I might do a real-world example myself: Check out Warren Reilly’s new worldview blog.

I like it; I hope he keeps it up. He’s put it up to help us advertise our upcoming talks in Ireland (tell your friends!) but I hope he continues posting afterwards as well. He sent me an idea that he’d like to do some podcasting, so I agreed to be one of his first interviews. If we pull it off, I’ll link to his posts here.

If anyone else wants to start a worldview-related blog (at least peripherally mentions using seeds and emptiness to change your world), comment here, and I’ll add the link…

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3 Responses to Competition

  1. Hi Eric! Peter led me to your blog. I really enjoy it. I like it that you infuse humor and honesty in your business analysis. I will link yours and Warrens’ blogs on my blog, and as I do talk about Diamond Cutter and Karmic Management on my blog, would love you to add the link. Thanks for the “live demo”! : ) Beth in San Francisco

  2. Hi Eric and Beth,

    You will shortly find links for both of your Blogs on also just to let you know the positive effect (so you can rejoice) I had 4 refers from Erics Blog today alone.

    Keep up the supports,


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