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Investing in Social Networking

I promised someone in Germany that I would write about the economic troubles in Greece, but in the meantime I wanted to comment on some recent articles I’ve read on investing. Investing is a common subject for us to talk … Continue reading


Re-imagining the status quo

So I picked up a paper on the gangway to my flight back from Oslo; the headline (of the International Herald Tribune, Thursday, May 12, 2011 edition) read: “Japan reimagines the basics.” I thought it fortuitous, since I had just … Continue reading

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Rocking the Business World

So on my way out of Ireland I picked up a copy (in the airport bookshop) of a magazine called Limerick; I wanted to see what magazines in Ireland were talking about. It had an article in it called “Rocking … Continue reading


Introducing Measures

We’re back in Ireland, so I was reading some articles online about the economy here. I’ve heard lots of bad news, and the current internet articles are supporting that. This one about energy provider Bord Gáis caught my eye; I … Continue reading