Rocking the Business World

So on my way out of Ireland I picked up a copy (in the airport bookshop) of a magazine called Limerick; I wanted to see what magazines in Ireland were talking about. It had an article in it called “Rocking the Business World,” so I decided to give it a try.

I was really impressed. The author interviewed six local business women in an effort to “curb the gloom and doom and get positive.” They did just that, for me—they asked each interviewee what did they think drove their business success. The answers, from a seed perspective, were inspiring:

She is driven and attuned to what clients look for in a beauty therapist. For this reason, her staff is more than capable when it comes to treating customers. Marion values them hugely saying her business could not survive without them.

Rose and her team will go to any lengths to ensure their customers are satisfied, whether it’s keeping children entertained in the studio or ensuring they are never late for a wedding. Rose always tries to make the studio experience as fun as it can be, especially when she’s photographing children. ‘I specialize in quality and fun and we even have a dog, Theo that works in the studio to ensure kids enjoy their studio session…’

In answer to the recession, where furniture stores have been badly hit, Orla and Michael launched the interior design call-out service…. Through this service, an interior designer makes a house call to find out what the customer would like to achieve.

I love it. One says she’s successful because she values her employees, another because she got a dog to make children happy, and another because they figured out a new way to provide better service to their customers. Awesome.

If every business in Ireland catches on to this way of doing business, their economic woes will be over in no time.

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6 Responses to Rocking the Business World

  1. Holger says:

    .. and if we all deeply rejoice in the success of the irish entrepreneurs (as you teach us with this awesome blog post) we will be forced by our Karma to see Ireland recover sooner than later 😉

  2. ericbrinkman says:

    Sure, which will help the whole EU…

    Heya, are you coming to our events in Hamburg?

  3. ericbrinkman says:

    great. see you there. 🙂

  4. Peter Axtell says:

    More beautiful, inspiring stories Eric. Little seeds of cared for employees, customers, friends, teachers 🙂 grow into big Baobab trees.
    “The Baobab
    a tree with character second to none” (from Google). I saw these trees when I was in Kenya. Legend says the gods god angry and pulled the trees up and stuck them back in the earth upside down so that the roots show. I thought this was fraught with meaning. If we could observe our good deeds taking root and growing we could reduce a lot of discouragement in our day.

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