Monthly Archives: June 2011

Good debt

The current issue of the Economist has as it’s cover article, “What will happen if Greece fails?” The EU is meeting now to review their plan of how to deal with the Greek debt crisis we recently discussed, and the … Continue reading


A Quick Fix

I was reading an article in last month’s Scientific American (I’m reading a lot of magazines about science right now; I’m not sure why) about what to do about the increase in food costs and how that’s impacting the poor. … Continue reading


1 Lesson to Learn

So I like to joke that I write a lot of this blog posts on plane flights; this is my first post written on a bus. (I’m on a bus from Buffalo to Toronto for talks there tonight). But, so … Continue reading


Want a well-run company?

So I’m sitting at Barnes & Noble waiting for Geshe Michael to come back, with a world of business magazines to choose from… and I landed on the current issue of Inc. The cover article (June 2011) is “Special Report: … Continue reading


Greek Debt

So it’s taken me two weeks longer than I thought it would, but here’s the afore-too promised article on the economic crisis in Greece (I’ve been working hard on re-designing the DCI website; hopefully I’ll have some results up for … Continue reading