So I was reading Delta’s inflight magazine on the way to Detroit…

The book the business section recommends reading is called “The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators.” Pretty typical fair, mostly what you’d expect–another business book that chases around some successful innovators and looks at what they do in common, hoping to find the magic bullet.

What was interesting to me though, was the word “disruptive” in the title. I’ll admit, I haven’t seen those words together. But evidently they should be, more often:

You might think this [innovative thinking] is something every business leader wants. But as the book makes clear, only a small percentage of companies has processes in place to encourage and nurture creativity. To a great many companies, innovation can be too disruptive to its existing systems and growth strategies. Most want to play it safe.

I don’t know why, but I thought this was interesting. Could certain companies, unknowingly or unconsciously (or perhaps even consciously) be discouraging innovation? Who doesn’t want to be the next Apple?

But I guess it’s true, for some people change can be scary. But maybe it doesn’t have to be?

I always think that we fear what we don’t understand… so if we understood it then it wouldn’t be a scary. So what’s the cause of innovation?

This is one of my favorite karmic seed correlations, because it’s so fun. The seed you have to plant in your mind to be an innovator, or to be creative, is to rejoice in the innovations or creativity of others.

Which is a really fun exercise: think to yourself, what have I seen lately that was new and exciting? Isn’t the new iPad great? I finally joined the digital revolution myself and got a Kindle; this thing is cool. I’m already spending lots of money I wasn’t planning on spending getting books for it.

What else? I love to read science magazines; there’s a great issue of Popular Mechanics out: “101 Gadgets that Changed the World.” Going all the way back to radio and television, then racing through hypodermic needles and on to smartphones and handheld GPS. And Wi-Fi? A quoted poll says “75 percent of young Americans say they’d give up coffee before Wi-Fi.”

Anyway, a playground to run through and plant seeds for rejoicing. It makes sense, right? If you rejoice in the creativity of others (“What will they think of next!”) then you will find yourself interesting in and having new ideas.

Nothing to be afraid of. 🙂


I’m trying to figure out how I can add addendum to some of my posts… like the cartoon I posted last time, or…

That inflight magazine I mentioned had something else interesting in it; a “By the numbers” graphic on international debt. Evidently, Greece isn’t the only one in trouble.

Percentage of Canada’s debt ($1.3 trillion) in relation to its gross domestic product.

Amount needed from each United States citizen to cover the country’s $10 trillion debt.

$42 trillion
Current global public debt

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5 Responses to Innovation

  1. Per Flood says:

    Wonderful message! Earlier I read the the little pamphlet Fearless Success….and if we understand how everything works then ofcourse we won’t be afraid. So let’s keep learning to to plant the right seeds for Fearless Success,

    Thanks Eric

  2. ericbrinkman says:

    Exactly. Thanks Per. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Eric. I was thinking really what is the seed for creativity 🙂 Thank you again!

    • ericbrinkman says:

      Dear Vladimir,

      You’re welcome. The seed for creativity is to rejoice in the work of others; if you see someone do something great/helpful/creative/interesting, try to think to yourself, “Wow! That’s so great they did that!” Then you will get new/inspiring/creative ideas yourself. 🙂


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