Monthly Archives: September 2011

Trying something new, Part One

[This post got a little long, so I decided to split it into two parts; I post the second half in a few days.] I had someone who attended one of your DCI seminars write me an email; he wanted … Continue reading



So I learned a new buzz word flipping through an issue of Fastcompany (“Riot Police; Why can’t anyone tame the social stream and just give us the good stuff?” Fastcompany, Sept 2011): Every minute of every day, the more than … Continue reading


Expanding our Belief system

Nili posted a nice comment to one of my previous articles (“How to Stop Earthquakes“), and it got me to thinking… Have you seen this youtube clip by CK Lewis? If not, you should definitely watch it: very funny and … Continue reading


A New Skill Set

I’ve been talking a lot with some friends about how we could improve DCI; what we could do to better get across the ideas that Geshe Michael is trying to teach–how to use seeds and the concept of emptiness to … Continue reading