Trying something new, Part Two

[Note: this is part two of a two-part series, so if you haven’t already, read part one.]

So we all know what really causes things. The analogy Geshe Michael often uses is taking aspirin. Does taking aspirin work? Sometimes. Which means what? Aspirin is not the real cause of getting rid of your headache, or it would work all the time. What is? Taking care of others. Give someone else an aspirin and then when the seeds are there aspirin will work for you.

But… the question comes: if giving aspirin is the cause for my headache to go away, then I don’t need to take aspirin, right?

There’s a joke Christians tell, about a guy stranded on the top of his house during a flood. A rowboat comes by, and they ask him to get in. He says, “No, I’m praying to God; he will save me.” Then a motorboat comes by, and they ask him to get in. He says, “No, I’m praying to God; he will save me.” Then a helicopter comes by, and they offer to save him, and he sticks to his guns: “No, I’m praying to God; he will save me.”

Then he drowns.

At the pearly gates, he complains bitterly to St. Peter: “I said my prayers, why didn’t God save me?” And St. Peter calmly replies, “He sent a rowboat, a motorboat, and a helicopter; what else do you want?”

In other words, for now, you have to take the aspirin.

Why? Because you have the seeds for the aspirin to work. If you had the seeds to not need an aspirin, you wouldn’t need it. But if you have the seeds for an aspirin to work, but don’t take it, what will happen?

Okay, so what does this have to do with business? (Fyi, in logic, we call this “parallel reasoning.”) In the same way, if you have the seeds to make money teaching martial arts you will. But if not, maybe you have the seeds to be successful helping children, or the elderly, or doing private teaching. So check them out and see if they work for you.

What else do you want?

Random Quote:
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
–John C. Maxwell

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5 Responses to Trying something new, Part Two

  1. Thanks for sharing this! It’s something that really needs to be clarified. 🙂
    I still feel myself often wondering should I take the “aspirin” or not.

  2. Peter Axtell says:

    Hi Eric, I’ve been a real estate agent for 13 years and never loved it.Even though I read and re read the Diamond Cutter ever since it first came out and I’ve studied the emptiness of things (or potential) I’ve never been a top producing Realtor. I’ve tried to apply the teachings but I’m still not a top producer. I’m now starting to teach and coach other real estate agents about “gardening” seeds and I seem to have struck a chord ( I have five clients since I announced I was coaching 3 months ago). Is this the reason for the lack of success as a Realtor? That I don’t have the seeds to see myself very successful in that profession? I understand we can’t know the specific action that produced a result unless we are some realized being but can we make a gestimate?
    So much fun reading your articles. Please stay in the world and teach. Blessings, Peter
    Sorry for misspelled words (no spell check)

  3. ericbrinkman says:

    Dear Peter,

    I’m not sure I totally understand your question, but… maybe?


    The second DCI course is about finding your passion in business, and there are seeds you can plant to do this. But maybe you’re suggesting that you were meant to be a coach as opposed to a Realtor?


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