Eric Brinkman is professional coach and author. His book, Easy Logic; Tibetan Wisdom for Happiness and Success is available for sale on Amazon; you can read comments and reviews here.

Eric has been training in Tibetan logic since July 2000 and has traveled to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India and studied around the US with both Tibetan and American teachers. He has lectured on and taught logic all over the world, including Japan, Singapore, England, and Russia, and is currently working on a documentary film.

For more information visit his website at ericmichaelbrinkman.com or contact him directly at info at easytibetanlogic dot com.


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  1. Peter Axtell says:

    Hi Ven. Ngingpo,
    Missed you a bunch when Mercedes came to Sacramento.
    Just read you blogs about the Jeep, the airlines and found it very useful. Sean Pfister must have read it also.
    Mercedes says you’ve taken up the drums?? Penny whistle is much quieter you know.
    Look forward to seeing you in LA this weekend with my dear friend Manny LaCarrubba and his wife Amy.

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