business worldview

So this is my blog to discuss business issues and events from a unique perspective that we call worldview. Worldview is a way of looking at the world that is based in my training in the wisdom tradition of ancient Tibetan. Their way of looking at the world says that how we treat other people is how we experience our world; that is, due to the fact that things are empty–that is, that things from their own side do not have any qualities or characteristics of their own–how we have treated others in the past forces us to see the world in a certain way.

Following this idea, we study what we call karmic correlations–karma doesn’t mean fatalism, or that we are all somehow doomed–the cause and effect relationship between how we treat others and what we see in our world.

Using this information, I’m going to attempt to discuss how this would relate to the business world; that is, how we can solve business problems and achieve all our business goals by treating others in such a way that it creates the world we want to see.


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