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It seems there are people that follow this blog who still haven’t updated their subscriptions… if you’re still interested in reading my posts, I’ve posted a new business blog post over on my new website: Enjoy Advertisements

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To all faithful readers: I’m moving this blog over to I want to start branding myself better, and I’ve decided to call my company Clear Thinking Consulting. So if you head over there, I will keep posting all the … Continue reading

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So I’m way behind on my posts; I have a post I’m working on on Pixar, as well as one on the Target hack, but for this post I wanted to write about the contentiousness around Obamacare. I’m on Obamacare … Continue reading

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Flywheel Effect (Part Two)

In my last post I discussed the “flywheel effect”; how Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, places his new products in Starbucks stores to build brand recognition before placing it in supermarkets. The question then, from a mental seed perspective, is, … Continue reading

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Flywheel effect (Part One)

As is my wont, I was reading the inflight magazine on my flight back from NYC–I never fail to find something to blog about in an inflight magazine–and I saw an article about Starbucks, so of course I had to … Continue reading


The Ethics of Giving

So first I want to thank a friend of mine; I was looking for a hashtag to use on twitter for ethical business (it appears #ethical is what people are using) and a friend of mine pointed me to this … Continue reading


Bragging Your Way to Success

I’m reading business magazines again; I just bought the most recent issue of Fast Company. There’s a couple of things I might write about it in, but, as usual, I like to go for the low-hanging fruit first: the thing … Continue reading

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