My book, Easy Logic; Tibetan Wisdom for Happiness and Success, is available from Standing in the Sky press or online from Amazon:

It really does make logic easy!
This book really does break down logic in an easy understandable way, not only that it tells you how to apply it to your life. Easy logic tells you how to apply logic to everyday problems, money, love, health and change the way in which you think about reality. The author is also very funny and entertaining. The book is packed with extra information boxes and exercises to help you increase your understanding and success.

Excellent presentation of a complex subject
This book takes on some big life questions and shows us how to address them using traditional Buddhist thought. Set out in a fun format, it is engaging, usable and informative. Highly recommend to anyone interested in how to think clearly and/or interested in Buddhist thought.
Marc Ross

“May all beings benefit! What a good thing. Also we got your book “Easy Logic” on Amazon, Eric!!! It is perfectly charming and so clear. .. Thank you!!!
Melyssa Davis

Simple logic, profound wisdom
Love the simplicity by which Brinkman has laid out his book and how it can translate into happiness and success… “The Tibetan wisdom tradition says simply identify the true cause for what you want (meaning the mental seed) and the external circumstances will work themselves out.” Once Brinkman plays through the logic we come to find that “Every happiness comes from helping others.” This book starts a conversation that leads the mind, heart, and spirit towards a fulfilling life. May it bring you more happiness and success as well.
Bill Flagg “Life-long entrepreneur who loves to grow built-for-life companies. Loves to read business biographies.”

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