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More on Japan: I read a nice article in the Wall Street Journal on my flight back from Taipei; “Buffett seeks acquisitions: Berkshire Hathaway zeroes in on firms in Korea, U.S. and the U.K” (Tuesday March 22, 2011, Business and … Continue reading

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How to Stop Earthquakes

Hi, So as I’ve promised on twitter and facebook, here is a transcription of Geshe Michael answering a question in Guangzhou; “what seed do we have to plant to stop earthquakes?” guangzhou business talk pt2 03 18 11.wav [9:16] We … Continue reading


Give Like a Billionaire II

The redux. 🙂 So there were a few more suggestions on how to give like a billionaire which i thought make sense according to Diamond Cutter principles (given the fact that what really makes them work is to understand how … Continue reading


Give Like a Billionaire I

So I’ve been meaning to write this article for months (thanks God for long plane flights! : ); i originally read this article in a dentist office back in December. Anyway, the December issue of Money magazine has maybe the … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of a Geek

So i was reading Discover magazine (April 2011 issue) on the flight to Singapore (Ok! I read a lot of magazines! I know! Get off my back already! : ) and there’s an interesting article called, “The Fall and Rise … Continue reading


Onshoring or Not?

So i’m on a plane to Singapore, which means… i have time to do a blog. 🙂 I had planned to write an article on something i saw in an issue of Money magazine awhile back, but i picked up … Continue reading

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